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Starting a blog is scary.  It opens the door to an entirely new chapter of your life.  Perhaps you are like me and looking to make a career change.  I left a position at a non-profit that was my dream since I was 8 years old.  After 10 years of working in that sector I was feeling burnt out and extremely stressed.  Compound into it that I was 9 months pregnant and dreading the bafflingly short maternity leave.


As my maternity leave was quickly ticking away, my anxiety was increasing exponentially.  I knew there had to be a better family/work balance than this. I refused to accept that in a few short weeks I would be placing my 2 ½ month only infant into a daycare that 90% of my paycheck would go towards covering.   


After putting off having a baby for years in order to build my career, I refused to now miss out on my child’s life.  I looked at our finances, found ways to cut costs, and factored in all the extra expenses that occur when going to an office.  My husband will say that I did a great job convincing him but really we both made the decision that I should stay home with our baby.  


The first few months after giving birth are unexpectedly exhausting, especially for a first time mom since all of this is new.  One thing that became evident during this time was that I wanted a creative outlet to express myself and share my passions.


This is where my desire to start a blog was conceived.  I’ve always had a yearning to write but feared I lacked the creativity to write fiction and freelance writing lacked the control I wanted over my topics.  So after reading a “How to Start a Blog” article similar to this, I jumped in with nothing to lose.


Start Your Blog In 4 Easy Steps

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I’m going to tell you about how I started a blog and how easy it is for you to as well.  There’s a saying that “The best time to have started something was 5 years ago. The second best time is now.”  You won’t regret taking the steps to start your blog today but will be filled with “should’ves” if you delay.


BlueHost is one of the easiest and most inexpensive web based platforms to start a blog.  Even better is that they seamlessly work with the powerful WordPress platform that allows you to have total control over your blog’s design and functionality.  Chances are good that if you’ve read a beautifully designed blog, it’s most likely WordPress.


I am not technical or an IT whiz by any means but I’ve figured out blog setup myself.  When I’ve had a question I’ve chatted with the super helpful BlueHost tech support and joined WordPress blog Facebook groups to learn from experienced bloggers.


Through my special link you can get your very own WordPress blog hosted by BlueHost for only $3.95/month.  That equates to 13 cents per day!  Seriously, this is not expensive.  I don’t know of anything else that you can get at that value.



STEP 1 – Select Your Plan

Your first step is to head over to BlueHost through my link for your special pricing.  Once there, click the green Get Started Now button and select your plan.  I chose the Basic plan to start out.  You can always upgrade later on if you need to.  The Basic plan includes one domain name and 5 email accounts which is perfect for starting out.  You also get the unmetered bandwidth and standard performance that the higher tiered plans have as well.  It’s such a great value for the beginning blogger.




STEP 2- Register Your Domain Name

Once you select your plan you’ll continue on to choose your domain name. This was the fun part for me.  I made a list of words that were relevant to what I wanted to write about.  I then put them into different combinations and phrases.  With that list, I checked to see if the domain was available.


I recommend sticking with a .com address since that is what most people will assume.  I also recommend staying away from creative spellings of established words because chances are people will forget that you used a K instead of a C and get discouraged that they can’t find your website.  Keep the barrier to success as low as possible.


I came up with my blog’s name as a play on the word “personify.”  I blog about health, being a plant-based family, and also love to organic garden.  Thus Plantsonify was born.  Yes, its a made up word but you spell it like it sounds so theres little room for misspellings.


STEP 3 – Finish Signing Up

Now that you’ve decided on your domain name you’ll want to finish the sign up process.  Down in the Package Information area you can choose optional extras.


For the Account Plan you get the best pricing if you choose the 36 month option.  This is exactly what I chose.  It’s a great motivator to commit to your blog’s success.  I am not one to wast money so committing to 36 months means that I’m going to be blogging for at least that length of time.  I choose to believe in myself.


“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford




Please note that for the first year’s payment to BlueHost they will charge you the entire year’s amount at this initial billing.  Years you renew past this first year can be billed monthly.


Once you’ve entered your payment info and chosen a password you’re ready to move onto step 4.


STEP 4 – Build Your Blog’s Website

BlueHost has really easy prompts that guide you through setting up your website.  They first ask you to pick a theme and then to decide if it’s a business or personal site.  These choices are up to you.  I chose a theme but easily changed it later.




Your website isn’t launched quite yet. There is a landing page for your domain name that says “Coming soon.”  You can customize this if you plan on keeping your site offline for a bit.  It does sometimes take a few hours right after registering your domain name for the landing page to show up.


The great thing about this pre-launch dashboard is that you can add pages, spend time writing posts, and manage the visual layout of your blog before it’s visible to others.



Once your blog is launched, whenever you want to go back and work on it you log into BlueHost.  Their dashboard makes it easy to log into WordPress, email, or Live Chat for assistance.



Voilà!  You are now a blogger!  I hope you’re inspired to start a blogging journey of your own.  If so, remember to go here for your special BlueHost pricing.


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